Customer Testimonials

Thank you for such an amazing product!!!!! I have been living with pain since I was medically discharged from the Army, 6 years ago. The VA issued me this machine and it has been a life changer! I can now play with my children and live an active life again! Thank you so much for making that possible!


I am the President of ELITE Medical Distributors LTD, a medical equipment distributor here in the Cleveland, Ohio area for the past 5 years. When I started ELITE I searched for the best heating and cooling units on the market. I definitely found it in ThermaZone. We have been carrying the ThermaZone product line for the past 4 years and it was the best decision we ever made. It is a completely patient friendly/compliant product. It offers both heat and cold in one simple light-weight device that also has 10 setting of heat and 10 settings of cold so patients are even more compliant when they can get the temperature to that which is comfortable for them. The biggest benefit of the product is that it is iceless. All of my customers rave about ThermaZone because they do not have to have multiple bags of ice...just a small 20 ounce bottle of distilled water is necessary. We have an after surgery cold therapy rental program with a large medical institution here in Cleveland and all of their patients have given 5 stars across the board. We look forward to carrying ThermaZone for many years to come.


We are a pain management facility overseeing numerous no-fault and worker's compensation cases in New York City. We started using the Thermazone Units last year to aid our patients with their pain when they are at home. Every patient that has used the Thermazone Unit has loved it. They love how easy it is to operate the unit, the different temperature levels, and most importantly the fact that it can switch from a hot therapy unit to a cold therapy unit in 1 minute. This is truly an amazing unit that has brought our patients quite a bit relief from their pain.


In the short time that I have owned my ThermaZone, I am pleased by how often I have found uses for it. In addition to relief from headaches, its effectiveness for my back pain and menstrual cramps has pleasantly surprised me. This unique product allows for personalized control over the temperature settings which is a welcome change from the numbness I would normally experience with a heating pad or ice pack. As someone who has suffered with lower back pain for many years, I highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing joint or muscle pain. My ThermaZone is definitely a keeper!


I love this machine, it gives me both cool and heat relief in one machine, so I can alternate without having to change from ice packs to heating pads, what a wonderful unit


What a great unit. Truly made a huge difference in my recovery Would recommend to anyone


What an easy to use, very comfortable product. I loved the fact that I could control how cold the unit got. Very light-weight and NO ICE which is one of the top 3 big benefits


I would recommend this product to anyone who is having a knee, shoulder, back, foot/ankle surgery where you need cold therapy. What a great product. Easy to use, light-weight, no ice needed, timers. All I did was sit on the couch and let the unit do the work. I loved it.


Thermazone is amazing. I had my knee repaired and this is by far the best type of pain medication. It was very simple to set up and use and much better than previous products.


The ThermaZone unit is quite portable and easy to use/operate. Has really helped during my therapy and daily use for pain.


This has helped my chronic pain so much. Since I'm being tested for fibromyalgia it's relieved pain in my back, hips, shoulders, knees and hands. I've been telling my friends and family dealing with pain to talk to their doctors about getting one to help them.


The product is amazing. Much better than ice packs or other similar products. Would highly recommend for anyone having knee, shoulder, foot/ankle surgery, or any other type of surgery where cold therapy is needed right after


ThermaZone made my recovery so much easier. I used it multiple times throughout the day to help reduce swelling. I was shcked at how it also helped reduce my pain. What a great device.