Single Patient Use Hip Pad

Item Number 003-26

The Single Patient Hip Pad delivers cooling and heating therapy to the lower back area. This pad is specifically engineered to provide a combination of pressure, temperature, and comfort to the hip region. Pad straps are adjustable and hold the pad securely in position. The pad is durable, yet disposable.

  • Fits waist sizes 22" - 54"
  • Adequately sized to provide ample coverage

Download ThermaZone Single Patient Use Pad Instructions & Warnings

Technical Specifications

Single Patient Use pads are designed to last for a 30-day rehabilitation period and are for single patient use. The single patient use pads are made of a white laminate with non-shedding material and laminated on the interior surface with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) creating a barrier to resist fluid transfer.

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