Insurance Details


ThermaZone Insurance Form

How to Submit

Thank you for your interest in the ThermaZone® Thermal Therapy System. In an effort to help you aid your patient in obtaining reimbursement from an insurance company, it is our pleasure to share the following information. While we cannot promise that an insurance company will reimburse any patient for their purchase, we are hopeful that insurance companies will recognize the benefits of the ThermaZone® System.

When communicating with any insurance provider, patients can choose from the following approaches:

  1. Request reimbursement after they have purchased the system.
  2. Pre-determine benefits before purchasing the ThermaZone® system.
  3. Appeal for reimbursement after they are initially denied by their plan.

If they choose to pursue Option 1 (Post-purchase reimbursement), advise them to take the following steps:

If they choose to pursue Option 2 (Pre-determination) advise them the following steps:

Option 3 – If your claim has initially been denied by your insurance provider: