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How Does The Thermazone® Thermal Therapy Device Work?

ThermaZone® leverages thermoelectric technology to circulate a consistent flow of water through form-fitting pads, which have been engineered to target specific musculoskeletal areas. Unlike other heating & cooling devices that have to be constantly filled with ice, placed in the freezer, or heated in the microwave, thermoelectric technology uses a Peltier system to efficiently cool or heat a small amount of fluid to a desired temperature and maintain it.

ThermaZone® pads feature Motion Advantage™ technology - leveraging precise fluid movement and delivering uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the relief pad for the maximum efficiency. With 20 adjustable temperature levels, ThermaZone® temperatures range from 34º to 125°F.

Appealing benefits for the patient

Benefits over Existing Treatments

Ice and Ice Packs

Heat Pads

Some other Cryotherapy Devices

ThermaZone® In-Clinic Use

Broaden your treatment alternatives by adding ThermaZone® in each of your patient exam rooms. Patients can relax with a drug-free treatment option while waiting to be seen and evaluated.

ThermaZone® is an effective thermoelectric hospital grade technology for in-clinic use and affordable enough for patients at home care. Stock ThermaZone® in your office for immediate patient satisfaction or let us assist you with ordering and servicing your patients by calling our toll-free number to be connected with your local Representative.

Free informational brochures are available to display in your patient’s waiting room or treatment areas.