Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What comes with the ThermaZone® device when purchased?

A. When purchasing a ThermaZone®, the package comes with

Q. How cold and how warm does the ThermaZone® get?

A. ThermaZone will reach temperatures as low as 34°F and as high as 125°F.

Q. How long can I run the machine?

A. Please see the ThermaZone® Safety & Instruction Manual.

Q. Do all of the pads reach the same temperatures for both Heat and Cool?

A. The ultimate temperature of the pads depends on a few factors, including the ambient temperature in the room where the device is operated, the temperature of the skin on which it is placed, and the size of the pad used.

Q. Is this product safe to use on all ages?

A. No, ThermaZone® should not be used on children below 7 years old or infirm persons, unless under the supervision of a physician.

Q. Which types of electrical outlets can I use to power my ThermaZone®?

A. For wall outlets, ThermaZone® can be powered on using standard grounded 120V North American Receptacle (NEMA5-15R) outlets. For automobiles, you can use the specially designed ThermaZone® Car Charger in 12V standard cigarette lighter receptacles.

Insurance Information

Q: Does insurance reimburse for the ThermaZone® Thermal Therapy System?

A: Every patient’s insurance plan and benefits package is different. Payers generally reimburse for prescribed services when they consider the service or product to be reasonable and medically necessary. For more information see our insurance information section in Resources.

Q: How can I obtain reimbursement from my insurance company?

A: Since every insurance plan offers different terms and conditions, requests for reimbursement of products, such as the ThermaZone® Thermal Therapy System, require individual consideration. Key elements of this individual consideration will be a prescription and a cover letter written by the patient or caregiver describing the symptoms and explaining why the physician believes the ThermaZone® Thermal Therapy System should be part of the treatment plan. To see a detailed list of steps for reimbursement, please view the ThermaZone® insurance information page.

Q: What codes are assigned to the ThermaZone® Thermal Therapy System?

A: Approved codes assigned for the ThermaZone® device and accessories include E0217, E0218, E0249, and A9900. This information is shared for informational and educational purposes only. We respect that coding is the sole responsibility of the provider.


Q. Are all of the pads compatible with the main ThermaZone® unit?

A. Yes, all of the ThermaZone® pads are compatible with the main unit.

Q. Do you have a Demo Display Program?

A. Yes. You will need to contact our customer support staff at 877.901.9663.

Q. Is there a store where I can buy the ThermaZone®?

A. ThermaZone® is sold through Authorized Distributors. To find a distributor in your area see our Where to Buy page or call our customers support staff at 877.901.9663.

Q. Can a patient use Flex-Spending dollars to purchase a ThermaZone® device and accessories?

A. Patients may be able to use Flex-Spending dollars when purchasing a ThermaZone® device and accessories. Please check with your plan provider to confirm whether or not ThermaZone® is acceptable under its plan.


Q. Does it matter what kind of water I use in my ThermaZone®?

A. Yes, DISTILLED WATER is the only liquid you should use in your ThermaZone®. Tap, filtered, or bottled water has many types of suspended pollutants, microscopic chemicals, toxins and other contaminates which can harm the machine. Filling the machine with anything but distilled water will void the warranty on the unit.

Q. What temperature should the distilled water be when I fill my ThermaZone®?

A. Room temperature DISTILLED water is best.

Q. How often do I need to fill the device with DISTILLED WATER?

A. You only need to fill the device with distilled water during the setup process. Depending on how many different pads you use, the number of times you fill the device may vary.

Q. What if I overfill the device with DISTILLED WATER?

A. If too much water is poured into the device and the water level is above the Max fill line, you can either absorb the excess water in the reservoir with a paper towel, or tip the device slightly and pour some of the water out. To prevent damage to the device when filled with distilled water, do not turn it upside down. Before you operate the device, make sure the water level is between the Min and Max level.


Q. Where is a good place to store the machine?

A. It is recommended that after usage, the machine is stored in a dry, clean area which is kept at room temperature (approximately 72°F). Completely seal the black rubber fill cap before storing to prevent any debris from entering into the machine. Store the unit flat in the device box so the device doesn’t tip over and have the potential to leak.

Q. Do I have to empty the water from the machine or the pads after use or before storing?

A. NO. One of the advantages of the ThermaZone® unit is that after the initial set-up process, there is no need to fill the device with distilled water before each use. The water remains inside the unit and inside the relief pads during storage, therefore making the device readily available for the next use.


Q. Is it ok for my ThermaZone® if I go back and forth from HEAT to COOL and from COOL to HEAT?

A. Yes, ThermaZone is built to provide contrast therapy (HEAT and COOL). It will take a few minutes for ThermaZone® to switch from one therapeutic mode to the next, as the device needs time to protect the heating and cooling element before switching modes. A countdown timer will appear in the display window and count backwards to 0 before switching to the other mode.

Q. Can ThermaZone be used in a vehicle?

A. Yes, ThermaZone® can be used in a vehicle with the specially designed ThermaZone® AC Auto Power Cord. Using ThermaZone with any other type of vehicle adapter will result in a voiding of the warranty. While a vehicle is in operation, ThermaZone® can be used by passengers. Under no circumstances should anyone use ThermaZone® while driving or operating a vehicle. Because the vehicle adapter is running off the car’s alternator or battery, the operation of the ThermaZone® unit is dependent on the type of car and the strength of the battery in that car. Please see the Auto Power Cord Safety & Instruction Manual (link) for more details.


Q. Do the pads come with a warranty?

A. All ThermaZone® pads come with a Limited 90 day warranty. Consult with your ThermaZone® instruction manual for a full description of the warranty coverage.

Q. Does the power supply come with a warranty?

A. The ThermaZone® unit and power supply come with a 1-year limited warranty. Consult with the ThermaZone® instruction manual for a full description of the warranty coverage.

Other Questions / Issues

If there are any questions that are not answered here, please contact us or call 877.901.9663